Cool Start To Memorial Day Weekend

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TUSCARORA STATE PARK — Many people are spending their Memorial Day weekend out in the woods camping. The unseasonable weather calls for bigger campfires.

With temperatures in the 40s, no one was swimming at Tuscarora State Park near Mahanoy City.  At nearby Locust Lake State Park there were a lot of people camping.  The campfires are a bit bigger, too. Teshia Wilson said that’s because of the unseasonably cool weather.

“We figured a lot of people might not want to do it, especially that a storm was coming, but figured we’re going to rough it. It was a great trip from Wilmington. It wasn’t that far and I encourage people to take advantage of state parks.”

Zuzana Miller explained when she and her friends arrived and began to set up camp the weather was threatening.

“It was rough last night, definitely. We set up the tent before it started pouring but it was fun.”

Robert Devall is getting ready to leave his campsite but not because of the cool weather. Devall said he rarely camps on Memorial Day.

“There is too many campers for the holiday weekend, it’s all right but I didn’t care for it myself on holidays.”

Locust Lake State Park has nearly 300 campsites, but there were only a handful of cancellations.

Park manager Lew Williams said has been on the job 19 years and the cool weather caught him by surprise.

“I can’t call to mind where it’s been this bad but it happens occasionally and we have bad weather on all our holidays every now and then.”

Things should be better by Memorial Day when you won’t need a heavy coat or even gloves.