Chilly Start To Shamokin Festival


SHAMOKIN — Crowds of people braved chilly temperatures for the annual Anthracite Heritage Festival of the Arts in Shamokin Friday night.

“It’s cold. I just asked the kids if it was going to be the Halloween parade or the Christmas parade this year, we were bringIng them to,” said William Bowers of Shamokin.

There were blankets and hot drinks, hats and scarves for people in the crowd, who shivered in 40 degree temperatures, drizzle and gusty winds.

It may have been cold, but the band played on and many people said they cannot imagine anything, even the weather, putting a stop to this event.

“This is a great tradition for this town. It brings so many people back to this town to celebrate the heritage of this town. It really is a great weekend,” said Joe Haddock of Shamokin.

“We always come down, so it doesn’t matter to us if it’s nice or rainy or whatever,” said Bonnie Rowe. she said, no matter what the weather, she and here family would not miss the weekend festival in their hometown.

The festival in Shamokin continues this weekend with historcial tours, artisans and vendors.


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