Politician Hit With Child Sex Abuse Charges

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PINE GROVE -- A politician who won election this week to a seat on Pine Grove Borough Council was charged Thursday for allegedly molesting a teenager.

Robert Wolfe was picked up at his home in Pine Grove then arraigned on child sex charges at a magistrate's office in Orwigsburg.

Wolfe is accused of having sexually explicit conversations with a 16-year-old girl, viewing pictures of her partially nude, molesting her and giving her pain medication.

According to court papers, Wolfe tried to blame his teenage sons for having the sex conversations with the girl, while using his phone.

"According to the court documents you blamed your sons, why did you blame your sons?"


Wolfe works as janitor in the Pine Grove Area School District and volunteers with the Pine Grove Fire Department. Police Chief Tom Trotter said Wolfe molested the teen at a firehouse in the borough.

"These are felony charges, crimes against a child, very serious, obviously. We don't take these crimes lightly."

During Tuesday's primary election, Wolfe won a nomination for a seat on borough council but said he will not run in November. Pine Grove's Mayor Kimberly Brown-Zerbe said she was at Wolfe's arraignment for personal reasons.

"I was molested as a very young child and I didn't even tell my family until my late 20s, so this is close to home. They had come back to visit one day and I saw them and I was petrified. It was horror and it was 20 years later."

Robert Wolfe is locked up. Investigators suspect he may have other victims. If so they're asked to come forward.