New American Eagle Outfitters Facilty Bringing Jobs

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HAZLE TOWNSHIP -- Construction is underway in Luzerne County on a new distribution center for the clothing company: American Eagle Outfitters.

The place promises to employ almost 400 people and provide and economic boost to the area.

Inside Humboldt Industrial park near Hazleton are 120 acres of land just waiting to be developed. And now they will be.

An American Eagle Outfitters distribution center is coming soon and officials say it will be a big boost for the region.

"You've got employment. You've got investment. You've got the taxes that will be coming off of this eventually," said Can Do President Kevin O'Donnell.

Work is already underway on the $160 million project. It doesn't look like much now, but eventually a one million square foot facility will be on the site.

Can Do Economic Development President Kevin O'Donnell says the center will bring 369 permanent jobs to the Hazleton area.

"Being that it's a lot of temporary services and a lot of temporary agencies out here, people are looking for something more permanent," said Michael Murray of Hazleton

Officials also plan to hire 600 part-time seasonal workers.

Dee Deakos of Hazleton agrees that the area needs more permanent jobs and hopes the center will hire skilled workers.

"We have a high unemployment. What I would really like to see is more technical jobs so our young people don't leave."

Michael Murray of Hazleton says even the name "American Eagle" would help the area.

"American Eagle is a known clothing trademark company which would greatly benefit the area because we need something like that in this area."

Officials expect to begin construction in July and have the distribution center up and running by next spring.