Matamoras Carnival Canceled Last Minute

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An organization in Milford had to make a painful decision about an event they organized that helps people in need.

The Milford Lions Club in Pike County had to cancel a carnival that was scheduled to start Thursday.

A family of five was looking forward to spending the next couple of days at Airport Park in Matamoras.  It was going to be the site of the first Milford Lions Club Memorial Day Carnival.

But that carnival had to be canceled at the last-minute.

"It's a little disappointing, these things are all for the kids," said Bruce Roff of New Jersey.

"My kids were looking forward to it all month, now they're upset about it," said Jessica Pappas of New Jersey.

The carnival was going to be set up here near the playground.

But over the weekend, the Lions Club got word that the carnival workers they hired weren't able to make it.

"We were devastated," said Melissa Seidof, the Milford Lions Club President.

A government program that provides temporary work visas to foreign workers had to delay giving out those visas. A federal court found an issue with how the workers were paid.  The ruling prevented may of the carnival workers from getting their visas in time for the carnival.

"We had a lot of interest, people were starving for this type of event in the area cause we don't have anything," said Darren Trujillo, a Lions Club Volunteer and organizer for the carnival.

Cancellation notices are now posted on hundreds of the carnival posters throughout the Milford area, letting people know that the carnival has been cancelled. The president of the lions club says what's most heartbreaking about this whole situation is the money that they were going to raise at the carnival is money the Lions Club needed.

"The carnival funds were our scholarship funds for Delaware Valley High School seniors. We usually do four, but wanted to do five because of such need in the community," said Seidof.

Now the Milford Lions Club will rely heavily on its next fundraiser, a craft show, on July 6 and 7 at Ann Street Memorial Park in Milford.

The Lions Club hopes to reschedule the carnival for the end of the summer.