Meth Lab Discovered in Mobile Home

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SOUTH CENTRE TOWNSHIP---Investigators spent hours at a mobile home here along Hetlerville Road in South Centre Township near Mifflinville Thursday night.

Police said they arrived at the home with children and youth workers after someone filed a complaint that children in the home were being drugged.

"They arrived, they did a search of the house and they discovered a methanphetamine lab in the back of the home," said township police chief William Richendefer.

The police chief said three children were in the home: a baby and two toddlers.

They were taken by Children and Youth Agency workers.

Several adults were in the home, too, including the owner who told Newswatch 16 having a possible meth lab in the home was a shock.

State police investigators were called in to remove the suspected meth making items from the home.

Police said they are seeing more and more of meth in the country. Especially what they call dumps, when meth making materials are thrown into rural fields or alongside roadways.

"Berwick seems to be pushing them out and in the rural areas, we've had a lot of dumps and this is probably our 4th house in South Centre Township/Mifflinville that's had a lab in it," said Chief Richendefer.