Scranton Mayor: Republicans Wait For Write-Ins

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SCRANTON -- In Tuesday night's primary election, voters in Scranton chose Bill Courtright as the Democratic candidate for mayor.

The Republican candidate is still in limbo. Until more than 800 write-in votes are counted, Courtright won't know who he's running against in November.

Courtright won the Democratic nomination by about 1,000 votes over the runner-up Liz Randol. In the last 30 years all but two mayoral races went to the Democratic nominee but Courtright says he's planning to campaign strong through November no matter who his opponent is.

If this were a typical Scranton mayoral race, Bill Courtright might be able to say it's smooth sailing for him heading into the general election in November. But his first day since being picked as the Democratic candidate has been anything but typical.

Courtright claimed victory early during primary night.

"It wasn't Bill Courtright who won today; it was the city of Scranton that won today."

A day later he's still not sure who he will run against in November.

Gary Lewis garnered the most votes on the Republican ballot with almost 650 votes, but he may not be the winner. Lewis wasn't available to speak on camera but said in a phone interview that he's not considering himself the Republican nominee yet.

According to the Lackawanna County Board of Elections, 810 Scranton Republicans wrote in a candidate's name, so one name needs to get more votes than Lewis to win.

Democratic runner-up Liz Randol is hoping that name is hers. She didn't suspend her campaign after the primary results came in. She's thinks her write-in campaign may have been successful enough to win her the Republican nomination.

Randol says she's planning to be at the county board of elections office Friday morning when elections officials will start counting the 810 write-in votes.

Randol would need 636 votes to win.