Ronnie D’Eliseo-Record Holder in 300 Hurdles

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With teammates running a regular 200 meter dash Ronnie D'Eliseo squeezes into the middle of the two patriots and works on his kick for the 300 hurdles. It was in this same event last week at the District 2 AAA Track and Field Championships that D'Eliseo set the new record of 38.10 seconds

"Yes it was great. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to get it because of the 4 x 100, but knowing that I wasn't at my full because I just ran before that and I still ran that time it feels great," said Ronnie D'Eliseo

"He is a great sprinter. He's run 11.0 flat, 10.8, 10.9 in the 100. I think his speed is a big thing in the 100's and the 300's he just he is a natural at them," said Jason Mills.

Besides winning gold medals in the two hurdle events Ronnie was also part of two gold medal winning relay teams the 4 x 100 and the 4 x 400 hundred relay teams here at Pittston Area and he will not be part of those teams down at states this coming weekend.

"I've been waiting for this I'm ready. I just have to go out and do my thing and whatever happens-happens. Any pressure on you or are you just going to go in and have some fun and feel it out and hopefully things go your way. A little both a little pressure. I don't mind that. I'll take it," again said Ronnie.

What Ronnie's hoping for is to take gold. With a three seed in both events he'll have competition behind and in front and at the state meet anything can happen.

"The 110 I'm seeded third, but anything can happen there like the two guys ahead of me just one if you clip one hurdle and all that it could be over for them so I just have to run a clean race. I just have to do my thing and hopefully come out the best i could," added Ronnie.

D'Eliseo's track career won't end here. He'll join a tremendous program at East Stroudsburg University in the fall.