Getting Ready For Summer On The Water

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HARVEYS LAKE -- In a few days, the annual rush to rivers and lakes in our area will begin; the summer season on the water is almost here.

In places like Harveys Lake in Luzerne County, this week is a busy one getting ready for three months of crowds and fun.

When you first arrive at Harveys Lake, you can see the work underway preparing for the busy season to start. At spots all along the lake shore there are preparations for the crowds to start arriving on Friday and stay for months.

At Grotto Pizza, that includes a fresh coat of paint on the deck.

"We started probably a month ago to get the deck open, table, chairs, tent up, new construction of this pavilion," said Ray Fenner, manager of Grotto Pizza.

Fenner is helping finish up the work while few people are around. It probably won't be this quiet until September.

"You come Friday or this weekend and the lake will have a totally different look.  It will be packed out here."

At Laumeyers Landing there are a lot of boats to be serviced and put in the water in time for the weekend. Once it got hot this week, the calls increased.

"Oh, it's very, very crazy as far as spring service and the weather changed so everyone wants to get the boat in the water fast," said Jeff Lake.

There won't be many 80 some degree days in the next few months where the lake is empty, but there are some who are out there enjoying the sun before the crowds.

Ron Prince doesn't like when it's hectic at the lake.

"I don't even come out here. I stay home."

He's casting a few lines in the sun now.

"Beat the storm, beat the people."

Ron Engle from Schuylkill County is on the lake enjoying the heat and the quiet on the water and getting ready for the months of fun.

"It'll be packed. You won't have it as nice as you do now," he said. "First time out, get the bugs all out, make sure it's ready to go for the weekend."