Gas Leak Prompts Evacuations

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MILTON -- More than two dozen houses were evacuated today in Milton after contractors hit a gas line. Some people in Milton woke up to an unpleasant surprise--a strong smell of gas.

"I opened my window and the smell came out into my bathroom," Isabelle Alvirena said.

"Next thing I know we caught a pretty bad whiff of gas. I wasn't too sure at first if it was a garbage truck that drove by. Then I was putting my little guy's air conditioner in and it really got strong then," Matthew Robol said.

According to firefighters in Milton, contractors were repairing a sewer line at the intersection of Carr and Academy Avenues. They accidentally hit a gas line, causing a large gas leak.

The gas line was shut off here, stopping the leak shortly after it started. As a precaution, more than two dozen houses were evacuated.

"A fireman knocked on my door and told us we had to get out," Linette Ackley said.

People waited outside for about one hour while crews cleared the scene. After that, they were allowed back inside. Even so, some felt uneasy.

"Very nerve-wracking. You're not sure if something's going to blow, it could come right over here," Robol said.

Officials say the railroad service was temporarily stopped in Milton while crews fixed the gas leak. Things were back to normal early this afternoon.