Flood Control Project Underway

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MOUNT CARMEL -- A flood control which some property owners believe is overdue is underway in Northumberland County.

Heavy machinery and crews have started a project to control Shamokin Creek in Mount Carmel. Heavy rain pushes the waterway over its banks and into homes.

Emily Homanick said she's seen a lot of flooding over the last 16 years.

"In one month we had three floods, five floods another month. It was one after another, we just kept getting it."

The project calls for making the creek deeper and installing new flood walls which are falling apart.

Mayor Kevin Jones said he'll be glad when the protection is in place.

"This project was in the works longer than my 16 years in office and it had a rebirth about a dozen years ago."

Some flood victims, including Trish Stasick, say they are glad the project is underway.

"I am glad that it's finally happening so no one's house is flooded, hopefully. Well I don't want to spend any more money getting flooded, it's a big expense."

Theresa Politza's home has never been flooded but said the creek still makes her nervous.

"The one time I had my suitcases packed, watching the water come."

The state-funded flood control project has a price tag of $13 million and will take three years to build.

Homanick said she's not taking any chances.

"Still I have my sandbags down there and they're not going nowhere until they're completely done."