Crash In Luzerne County Leaves Two Dead

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BEAR CREEK TOWNSHIP — Two people are dead after a violent crash on a busy road in Luzerne County.

It was a violent crash along Route 115 in Bear Creek Township that claimed the lives of two people.

State police and the Luzerne County Coroner say Ryan Jacobson, 26, of Glen Richey was standing at the rear of his pickup truck parked on the shoulder of the southbound lanes when the truck was slammed from behind by this car driven by Ann Rinko, 72, of Wilkes-Barre.

Both died at the scene.

State police continue to investigate the details of the crash but say Jacobson and another man, William Hiler of Beaver Falls were working as tree trimmers and were out of the truck, setting up traffic control signs.

Police say Hiler was uninjured.

“There was a flag man there and he was setting up and there was a pickup truck, white pickup, smashed into the guy, then hit the pickup, threw the pickup truck down the road and ended up at the base of the driveway. He died just doing his job.”

The neighbor says more needs to be done on Route 115 to stop more people from getting killed.

“I`ve been up here 18 years. We`ve discussed this issue a lot of times about the light at the turnpike, they finally put one there after people were killed. They don`t do much, they don`t do much.”

State police continue to investigate the deadly crash in Bear Creek Township.