Beautify Your Backyard: Early June Blooms

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Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’ – Catnip

Massive amount of blue flowers arrive early June and bloom throughout the summer. Heavier blooms if deadheaded. Gets to be 2-2 ½’ high. Will tolerate light shade and moist soil.


Iris siberica ‘Caesar’s Brother’

Great blue flowers late May and early June bloom for about 3 weeks. Great foliage -almost looks like an ornamental grass. Plant in groupings of 3, 5, or 7.



Blooms late May and early June. Amazing flowers but must be staked. Not only a great bloom but a nice plant if old blooms are deadheaded. Worth the aggravation.

Other selections of Peony besides pink, red, and white:

Peony ‘Sorbet’


Peony ‘Raspberry Sundae’


Royal Burgundy Barberry

Low growing barberry with great dark red foliage from spring to fall and amazing fall color. Grows about 2 ½’ high but takes shearing well.


Concord Barberry

Darker red foliage with more of a dwarf habit. One of Rob’s favorites.


Spirea ‘Magic Carpet’

Great gold foliage with red new growth. Flower is pink but not a feature. Great way to have color in the landscape with little maintenance. Takes shearing well.


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