Yet Another Tragedy For Colegrove Family

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LACEYVILLE -- The person killed in a crash in Wyoming County this week happens to be with the brother of a man who killed three members of their family in 2007.

The crash happened Monday in Lemon Township, near Tunkhannock.

An entire family has been taken out by tragedies. We learned Tuesday that Robert Colegrove, 40, of Meshoppen, was the victim of a deadly crash near Tunkhannock Monday.

His father, mother, and brother were murdered near Laceyville six years ago.  His brother is serving a life sentence for their killings.

We found a community stunned by yet another Colegrove death.

Robert Colegrove testified in Bradford County court against his own brother for the triple homicide of his father, mother and other brother.colegroves

Tragedy has hit this family hard.  Joseph the father, Marlene the mother and son Michael were murdered.  Now Robert's life has come to a sudden end in that crash.

"Hearing that Rob's gone too is just a tragedy, very,very sad," said Teresa Brewer of Laceyville.

On this primary election day in Laceyville, the discussion at a polling place was focused around this latest blow to a once prominent family in this community, six years after the murders.

"It shocked everybody.  You just couldn't believe that.  They were killed in bed.  You just said, 'wow,'" said Phil Wurzler of Laceyville.  "And now this, now this."

"Well, it's shocking.  You know it really surprised me to think they're all gone now but Steve," Brewer said.

Stephen is now the only one left from that immediate Colegrove family and he's serving a life sentence for killing those three family members.

"The last family member now here has been killed besides the one who is in jail for their murder. It's kind of a sad thing to think about," said Wurzler.

Robert's dad Joe ran the barber shop in town. He was known by just about everyone, practically the mayor of the town.  When he and the others were killed, it stunned everyone, and now even more shock.

"It's sad, I'm sorry for the family."

Jim Brehm used to get his haircut by Joe.  We told him about Robert being killed in a crash.

The five Colegroves are now gone from this community and he and others can't believe it.

"It's amazing how bad stuff can befall one family. It's mind boggling," Brehm said.

Robert Colegrove had two children who have now lost their grandparents and two uncles to tragedy. Their only remaining uncle is spending his life behind bars for the triple homicide.