Candidates & Change On the Ballot in Lackawanna County

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SCRANTON -- Voters in Lackawanna County are deciding if they should take steps to change the form of county government.

Lackawanna County Commissioner Corey O'Brien isn't on the ballot this time around, but his job is. Voters are choosing whether or not to establish a government study commission, and if so, who should be on that commission.

O'Brien expects the referendum to pass, but he also says the current system of three commissioners serves county taxpayers well.

"Our government costs less, less politicians, is always better than more politicians, and this is, while it's an imperfect system than the system in Luzerne County and a few other counties across the commonwealth have adopted."

O'Brien hopes county voters elect impartial commission members who will go into the process with open minds.

On the other side is a group called "Fix Lackawanna." It's headquartered on Lackawanna Avenue in downtown Scranton.

Mary Jo Sheridan is running for a spot on that government study commission on the fix Lackawanna ticket. She feels things have to change.

"Politics in our county do not in any way reflect the good character of the people of the county and I think people are really tired of the cronyism and corruption."

Sheridan thinks a county council and manager would make Lackawanna County government more responsive to its citizens.

I spoke with James Lavelle, a voter in Olyphant this morning. He thinks a change to a county council brings more people into the process and that's a good thing.

"I think they can make a better decision than three people."

If the study commission question passes, there could eventually be another referendum where voters decide if what the commission recommends becomes the law of the land.