Three Seek Pottsville’s Mayoral Seat In Primary Election

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POTTSVILLE -- For the first time in 13 years, the city of Pottsville will have a new mayor.

Current Mayor John Reiley said he would not seek re-election after taking over the office after the death of his son, Terry Reiley, who succumbed to cancer while Terry was mayor in 2000.

Democratic candidate James Muldowney has spent nine years on city council and has been endorsed by Reiley to take his spot.

He said he will continue to fight blight as well as increase enhancements for the city`s youth.

“A wonderful ballpark here at Rotary Little League, we have another one across town, the school over here has two or three ballparks,” said Muldowney. “We have a playground here, basketball courts. Down across town Bear Field has skating rinks, basketball courts.”

Muldowney is unopposed on the democratic ticket and will likely head to the general election.

He will face one of two republicans; both are in their twenties and are promising fresh faces with fresh ideas.

Scott Thomas is a 23-year Kutztown University graduate and a member of the Pottsville Area School board.

“I think that when somebody`s in office long they become complacent and I think that`s what`s happened here in Pottsville, we need to bring in new ideas and talk about bringing businesses in to Pottsville,” said Thomas.

Philip McClintock is the other republican candidate.

He is a 26-year old West Chester University graduate who works at Autozone.

“The city`s been the same names, same faces, same families, same organizations that have been running the city in various positions, time after time and I`m not a career politician,” said McClintock.