Penguins Comeback to Win 3-1 in Game 4 over Providence

Game 4 from Mohegan Sun Arena.. Penguins not wanting the season to end on their ice...

1st period, shades of overtime in Game 3.. Alex Grant can't clear the puck and on the third swipe, Carter Camper scores and it's 1-0 Bruins after one.

Big 2nd period for Joey Mormina... He goes across ice to Adam Payerl and the Bruins defense is out of position.. Warren Peters converts to make it a 1-1 game.

Midway thru the 2nd, Mormina shoots.. Riley Holzapfel scores... 2-1 Pens.

Penguins power play with just over two minutes left in the 2nd... Mormina through a screen and Chad Kolorik gets the credit with the re-direct goal.. Penguins get the important 3-1 win to keep them alive in the series!!


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