Longtime Mayor Back In The Race

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MONTOURSVILLE -- For the first time in three decades, John Dorin's name will not be on the ballot in the race for Montoursville mayor.

Dorin is running for reelection however, after saying earlier this year he would retire.

Dorin announced in February he would not seek reelection after serving as Montoursville's mayor since 1982.

Republican Kim Dirocco was the only one on the ballot.  Then, in the last couple weeks, signs started popping up asking voters to reelect John Dorin, meaning the mayor was back in the race, this time, as a write in candidate.

Dorin, who planned to retire, is running for a ninth term. Dorin says a group of concerned residents coaxed him into running a write in campaign.

"My name won't be on the ballot. I'm going on my 35 years as mayor and hopefully people will support that," Dorin said.

His opponent, Kim Dirocco, figured the mayor's retirement announcement in February opened the door for her to run in the upcoming election.

"i'm the only candidate that did the work, got petitions signed, and got on the ballot. I hope folks respect that on Tuesday when they go out to vote," Dirocco said.

When voters head to the polls in Montoursville, there will be one mayoral candidate on the ballot, that's Kim Dirocco. John Dorin, the longtime mayor, will be a write in candidate for the first time, and hopes voters will write him in and give him another term as mayor.

"A lot of people are surprised. A lot of people say they're voting for him because he's done well over the years," Debbie Aloisio said.

Folks in Montoursville were a bit surprised by the mayor's about face in the election.  Some plan to keep Mayor Dorin around for another term

"He's entitled to change his mind, maybe some encouragement from friends," said Pat Zaccaria.

Others believe Dorin can't bring himself to quit now but that it may be time for new blood in the mayor's office.

"He did a good job while he was here. He retired. He should have stayed retired," said Betty Rosencrans.

Voters go to the polls Tuesday and will have to write in Dorin for him to win on the Republican ticket.

If Mayor Dorin loses the Republican nomination, but gets enough write-ins on the Democratic ticket, then he'll still face off with Dirocco in November.