Lansford Police: Adults Put Children In Danger Running Meth Lab

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LANSFORD -- Police in Carbon County say an explosion led them to two methamphetamine labs.

Four people are in custody charged with making meth, a powerful stimulant. Police are searching for other suspects.

The police operation in Lansford started late Sunday night and stretched into most of Monday.

One block of West Patterson Street in Lansford was shut down for more than 12 hours.

State and local police had the job of dismantling what they say was a dangerous methamphetamine lab inside a home.

Emergency Management Director Mark Nalesnick said police got called in after the lab exploded and created a small fire.

"Not only the danger from fire and explosion but the environment it's highly contaminated and it's a very health hazard."

Police Sergeant Jack Soberick said the adults in the home put children in danger.

"This house here had three young children in the house," said Soberick. "Ages 6, 7 and 8. Whatever people do that's their business but when you endanger young kids, that is the worst."

Four people have been arrested including Scott Frantz, his son Kyle, and Jackie Slaven. A fourth suspect, Krenda Crostley, was picked up late in the day.

Police say they are still looking for a fifth person, Tyler Strawdinger.

Neighbor John Citrano and others gathered checking out the police activity.

"I can't believe what I am looking at right now. This used to be a beautiful town at one time and who do you blame? Do you blame the landlords for not doing background checks on them? I can't answer that," Citrano said.

Neighbor Jim Ortiz explained he's thinking of moving away.

"They're investigating another meth lab. If that's what's involved, I don't want to raise my children here."

While investigating the meth lab on West Patterson Street, investigators got word of another one a few blocks away. They spent the afternoon making the dangerous stuff safe.

Lansford police say the investigation continues on both meth labs and they expect to make at least one more arrest.