Explosion Leads Police to Meth Lab

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LANSFORD -- A father and son  are among three people facing drug charges after an explosion and fire at a home in Carbon County.

Firefighters first responded to an explosion at a home on East Patterson Street in Lansford around 10 p.m. Sunday.

Police said the explosion was caused by a methamphetamine drug operation inside the home.

Police have released the names of the three people taken in to custody.frantz slaven mugs carb drugs

They are Scott Frantz from Scranton, and Kyle Frantz and Jackie Slaven, both residents of the home in Lansford where the alleged meth lab was found.

Police add Scott is Kyle's father.  All three face drug charges, and all three are in the Carbon County jail.

Emergency management officials feared the firefighters were exposed to toxic chemicals when a suspected drug lab on East Paterson Street exploded.

"That's crazy.  I never would have thought it could happen so close to home, but it can happen anywhere."

Neighbor Matthew Kusko felt something was wrong because there was always a lot of activity at the home.  He even considered up putting up a privacy fence. The alleged criminal activity came to light when the home exploded and burned just after 10 p. m.

"The fire initiated inside the building and some of the first responding people, among them myself, we found the remnants of what is called a mobile lab or meth lab," said Lansford Police Sgt. Jack Soberick.

There were concerns beyond the alleged criminal activity.  It dealt with the chemicals inside the smoke.

"The products that are used for making drugs and meth are very dangerous products when they're combined and that's what interacted here at this residence and fortunately no one was injured or killed," said EMA official Mark Nalesnik.

The home in Lansford that exploded and burned is a double home. Half was empty, but police say they did find drug lab supplies in a crawl space in the unoccupied side.

Police also say this is the third meth lab found in this area, in the past year.