Crowded Race for Lackawanna County Judge

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It was the zero hour at the downtown Scranton headquarters for Alyce Farrell's campaign for Lackawanna County Judge. She met with volunteers to plan out the final few hours before the polls open. But, the district magistrate says she's really been preparing for this for 16 years.

"It's one thing to say you're a lawyer and you know the law, but then to be able to listen to the evidence and make a decision based on the evidence. To follow the rules that have to be followed, I've learned all that in the last 16 years," Farrell said.

Farrell is one of two district magistrates in the race for Lackawanna County Judge.

The other is Jim Gibbons from Newton Township. He's been a magistrate in The Abingtons for eight years and felt it was time to make a run for county judge. He said he's the trustworthy candidate voters have been looking for.

"They're tired of what's been happening within the court system, not only here in Lackawanna County but in Luzerne County in particular. They want to have their faith re-established in the court system, that's what I'm hearing," Gibbons said.

Rounding out the five candidate race are three attorneys. Including Tim Kelly, who's been practicing in Scranton for 31 years and who's spent plenty of time in a courtroom.

"I think I've got what it takes to manage and run and courtroom so that you're providing a fair and even playing field for all the litigants, both the plaintiffs and the defendants. And I think I could really be a help to the judicial system and the people who come in front of me if I were to serve as judge," Kelly said.

Attorney Donna Davis Javitz from Dickson City will also appear on the ballot.

Along with Patti Grande Rieder from Scott Township, an attorney who's also worked in the Lackawanna County court system.

All five candidates have cross-filed and are running on both the Republican and Democratic tickets.