What The Fork Nominated For National Contest

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SCRANTON -- As city officials and businesses debate the role of food trucks in Scranton, one particular food truck has made quite name for itself.

It's called What The Fork and the gourmet food truck got a mention on national TV on Friday.

What The Fork, one of Scranton's more famous food trucks, was named on Live with Kelly and Michael on WNEP. They were picked as one of the top 20 food trucks in the country.

They set up several times a week on courthouse square, a place that's become the center of a battle between the food trucks and brick and mortar restaurants, but now it seems the two sides may have come to an agreement and the fight, for now, is over.

The bright green truck is hard to miss come lunchtime at spots all over Lackawanna County.

The personalities inside are just as bright. Owners of What The Fork food truck Mario Bevilacqua and Katie Graziosi were surprised when they got a call this week from two TV personalities.

Live with Kelly and Michael nominated 20 food trucks from across the country. Viewers can now go online and vote for a top 10.

What The Fork has lots of fans in downtown Scranton, where they set up a few days a week at lunchtime.

"I love the menu, the convenience, it's a different menu. It's a lot different than the other restaurants around here. It's a little bit more specialized," said Maura Hennigan of Scranton.

"They have some real good specialties that are different from anything else that's offered around here and it's quick. We don't have long for lunch," said Rene Esgrow of Scranton.

The folks at Kelly and Michael asked What The Fork to submit a recipe that they'll cook on the show if they win. They went with their best seller, pork tacos, made with cole slaw, pork, and a sauce that's a well-guarded secret recipe.

As soon as the show aired, What The Fork's workers put up signs pushing for votes, hoping they'll get to drive the truck to New York City.

"We have been through the ringer with a lot of things, but we're really happy to be where we are today," What The Fork co-owner Katie Graziosi.

She's referring to the swarming controversy over food trucks in Scranton.

City council is set to vote next week on stiffer rules for the trucks that force them to stay farther away for restaurants and pay more in fees.

"We're really pleased we were able to work together and come to an agreement that works for everybody. We're really excited that it worked out because we don't want to leave Scranton," Graziosi added.

The folks from What The Fork are hoping to leave Scranton for New York city on Monday.

If they're voted into Kelly and Michael's top 10, you have a little more than 24 hours to vote, you can find a link by clicking here.