Man Accused Of Dragging Police Chief Locked Up

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BEAVER MEADOWS -- A man from Carbon County is locked up after allegedly dragging a police chief with his car, all while attempting to evade an eviction notice.

The man from Beaver Meadows faces felony charges.

Neighbors say they are thankful troopers finally caught up with him.

Less than 24 hours after a man living in a partially burnt home dragged the Beaver Meadow's police chief under his car, he's locked up facing charges.

Troopers caught up with Dean Kancir, 41, at Hazleton General Hospital Thursday night where he was visiting his sick fiancée.

He's charged with aggravated assault and other charges after trooper say he allegedly dragged Chief Mike Morresi along Route 93 with his car, trying to evade a long-overdue eviction notice.

Neighbor Peter Mikulca of Beaver Meadows says he's known Kancir and his family a long time.

"They've been trying to get him out, they just couldn't.  But it should have ended a long time ago.  Take the state police and get him out."

Neighbor Rob Deangelo says Kancir - who lived in deplorable conditions - never associated with neighbors.

"A loner, did not associate with anyone in the community as far as I know.  Definitely didn't with me or any of my neighbors here," Deangelo said. "I didn't understand why that went on and what they were thinking.  That was kind of ridiculous to me."

Neighbors we spoke with say they don't know where Kancir's other family members who were living with him may have gone or even how soon the borough may finally be able to tear down the home, but they're hopeful things will start moving forward very soon.

"It's definitely the biggest eyesore in Beaver Meadows and it will be nice to see it go," said Alexandra Mitcho.

Mitcho says the she feels bad for the family but believes the borough is doing the right thing evicting Kancir and his family.

"I think that they're just being stubborn and they should definitely, they should have tried to get out of there a long time ago, because it's a hazard for them as well."

Kancir is locked up in Carbon County and is scheduled to be back in court in June facing charges for this incident and several others.

Borough officials weren't able to be reached to find out how soon the home on Berwick Street could be knocked down.