Fine Weather for the Fine Arts Fiesta

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WILKES-BARRE -- The annual Fine Arts Fiesta is now underway in downtown Wilkes-Barre and after years of historically bad weather, it seems the vendors and crowds finally lucked out this year.

The music was loud, the food trucks were parked, and the people milled about.  But one thing's different at the fine arts fiesta this year.

"It can't be the fiesta because the sun's out."

The fiesta on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre often seems to happen on rainy weekends. But at around 80 degrees, there's not a raindrop in sight this time around.

Just ask Sandy Wazeter of Trucksville.

"Three or four days in a row, I think we're going to be perfect this year. I know, that's why we're probably going to come every day to make up for past years," said Wazeter.

She's busy visiting her favorite vendors like stained glass artist Dennis Christie. He's skeptical of all of the sunshine.

"I'm still, a little thing in the back of my mind is saying we're going to get hit with something," said Christie, from Bethany.

Vendors here said that they hope with the beautiful weather, it'll be a bigger turnout this year.

"The people up here are pretty hearty. They come no matter what. But I think it'd be nice to go through a whole weekend of nice weather just to see how it is," said Barry Gebhart, of Bethlehem.

The fiesta is meant to bring local artists, entertainers, and vendors to Wilkes-Barre for four days.

That's four beautiful days that Maria Carter and her husband look forward to enjoying.

"Really nice warm day. It's enjoyable," said Carter, of Taylor, "I think it is a little too warm out in the sun. The shade feels good."