Bear in the Borough

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STROUDSBURG -- A bear strolled right onto Main Street in Stroudsburg Thursday causing quite a stir.

A black bear was first spotted sitting in a tree, facing Stroudsburg High School on Main Street.

"No. I didn't know, I'm here all alone!" said Ladora Bolcar, of Stroudsburg.

"It doesn't bother me anymore, we have one every year!" said Claire Kitchen, of Stroudsburg.

Shortly after noon, police said they started getting calls about this black bear wandering the streets of a neighborhood in Stroudsburg.

Newswatch 16 spotted the bear in a tree. It then got antsy and started climbing down.

Once he got to the ground, he did what any bear would do and took off.

"My goodness. Here in the borough? Where did it go?" said Bolcar.

Well, that's a good question.  Newswatch 16 joined police and the game commission to help find the bear.

Our detective work included asking neighbors.

"My neighbor called me and said it went through her yard. So I went out quick in her yard, but we're all fenced in with a hedge so it wasn't there," said Kitchen.

After about an hour, the game commission spotted the bear in another tree and tranquilized it.  The bear eventually fell a short distance from the tree.

We wasted no time and ran get a closer look.

The game commission officer went back to where the bear fell from the tree. Now that they found the bear, they're going to load the bear and take him back into the wild.

It took two men to pick up the bear and carry him to the cage.

Everyone had to move quickly. Because the game commission officer said the sedative was going to wear off in 20 minutes.

The officer said there has been an increase in bear sightings and nuisance calls and has some word of warning.

"If they see it, let it be. It's an animal. It's going to come through and it's going to leave," said Wildlife Conservation Officer Bryan Mowrer.

We want to let you know that we did not chase the bear without supervision. We had the game commission with us and Stroud Area Police Officers as well.

Also the bear did not get hurt from the fall and was released in area gamelands.