9/11 Victim To Be Remembered In North Scranton

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SCRANTON -- It's been almost 12 years since a neighborhood in Scranton lost a treasured member and those who remember Jerry Moran best are building something to make sure he's never forgotten along with the other thousands of victims of the 9/11 attacks.

Providence Square is the center of the north Scranton neighborhood Jerry Moran called home, and it's where he will be remembered.

"He was always proud that he was from here, he loved serving his country, he did it in the navy and then in the office of naval intelligence for years."

Kevin Moran lost his brother Jerry almost 12 years ago, on September 11, 2001. Jerry was working at the pentagon that day and since then Kevin's been hoping to memorialize him here at home.

With support from friends that hope is close to becoming a reality. Jerry's childhood friend Fred Lance planned a fundraiser to help collect close to $4,000 needed to create a memorial for Jerry. Plans are to put the monument in a noticeable spot right below the clock tower on Providence Square.

"It's north Scranton, it's north Scranton, it's the centerpiece of the square and everyone will see it and remember," said Lance.

The idea for a memorial started between two friends of Jerry's. They say it kind of snowballed from there.

Samario's Pizza on Providence Square is getting ready to make pizzas for a few hundred people at the fundraiser Saturday night, they say it's the least they could do to remember one of their own.

"North Scranton, we're all like one family. Everybody knows everybody and we're all very close with each other. They're such a good family that I'm glad to see everybody helping out with this," said Sammy Parlopiano.

"How can you forget about a guy like that who gave his life for his country, you know? You never forget those people," said Frank McGraw.

Jerry Moran's family is hoping the memorial helps people remember all the victims of 9/11, not just their hometown hero. That idea is written in a poem by his brother that will be etched on the memorial.

"This monument is in honor of our loving brother, forever our hero, and all the other heroes who gave their all on that day."

The fundraiser is Saturday evening at the Polish Club on Brick Avenue in north Scranton.