Fire Wrecks Double Block Home

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TAYLOR -- Fire crews rushed to the scene of a fire along Loomis Avenue in Taylor Wednesday night.

A double block home was in flames.

The homeowner said no one lived in one side of the building.

She and her adult son were in the other side watching a baseball game when they heard a noise. Soon after that, they saw fire.

The woman didn't want to speak on camera but told Newswatch 16 her son has some burns but is expected to be alright.

A next-door neighbor was home with her baby when she smelled smoke.

"I was sitting on the porch, and I heard like a firecracker noise, and I thought they were blowing off firecrackers, and as I was walking off the porch there was like shingles falling, and then the front window busted out and the flames poured through, and then I called 911," said Kaylee Doran of Taylor.

People from the neighborhood gathered to watch the blaze.

Many were surprised to see all the smoke and flames.

"When I came down I stood right here, and I could feel the heat and the smoke, but there was no flames when I came down, just smoke and then they busted the windows out, and the flames came out," said Stephanie Laul of Taylor.

"I never saw an actual fire before that wasn't on TV, so it's really, it's devastating, you know what I mean," said Casey Tolley of Taylor.

While they were fighting the fire, fire crews sounded the alarm for everyone to get out.

Taylor police said there was someone else in the house when the fire started, a friend of the families who ran when police tried to speak with him. They caught him and said he will be charged with drug possession.

The investigation into what started the blaze continues.