Customers Look for Answers at Auction

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MILTON -- Some people who believe they were cheated out of money after a store in Milton closed, attended a public auction for the company today. Around 500 people attended the first of eight auctions in Milton.

"We'll be liquidating. Everything you see in this building will be sold," Auctioneer Neil Courtney said.

Kuhns Brothers Log Homes, its surplus outlet and a store called American Heritage Crafters all closed last month. The family blames the closing on the housing market, along with financial and economic reasons.

After the stores closed, some people were left with deposits and gift certificates they can no longer use. Many came to the auction to try to find answers.

"The store closed so suddenly that no one really had a chance to check into anything. Phone calls went unanswered. Now they're having their auction and all they really care about is their bottom dollar," Pam Koch said.

Pam Koch and other have gift certificates for American Heritage Crafters. The auctioneer announced that people could not use those gift certificates to bid on items.

"I understand that they're having financial difficulties but I'm upset that my mom put $200 out and I can't even use it as credit at the auction," Marie Murphy said.

At the auction, a letter from the Kuhns family read in part:

"Some of you may have experienced losses due to the closure of these stores and for this the Kuhns family sincerely apologizes."

In March, Mary Boudman put an $824 deposit on a sofa at American Heritage Crafters. The sofa was never ordered. After her story aired on Newswatch 16 earlier this week, Boudman was contacted by a former employee on behalf of the Kuhns family.

"I was told they would personally see that I got my money back. I'm hoping that is so," Boudman said.

There will be seven other auctions to sell off merchandise from Kuhns Brothers Log Homes and its two stores in Milton. For more information on the auctions, click here.