Taste Test: Eggo Drizzlers

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If you're a morning person and like your breakfast and you're looking for something new to try check this out. Kellogg's has come out with new Eggo Drizzlers with blueberry and strawberry topping.

Since some of our WNEP morning crew happens to wake up extremely early, we decided to ask Joe, Mindi and Tom how these new waffles taste.

This week's taste test item is supposed to be packed with flavor. Kellogg's has come out with new Eggo Drizzlers. The normal Eggo waffle but the topping comes in blueberry and strawberry.

So to put this new breakfast to the tasty test we decided to ask our own morning crew what they thought.

I brought Newswatch 16's Tom Williams, Mindi Ramsey and my fellow meteorologist Joe Snedeker all together to enjoy a nice breakfast, and it got quite interesting.

Tom was first up after trying the waffles with the strawberry topping.

"I think the strawberry, it's pretty good, not bad. I however would prefer just maple syrup on it. But as I said before, tastes like a pop tart or a toaster strudel, something like that. If you want a little bit of fruit with your breakfast it's OK," said Tom.

Mindi tried the blueberry topping. She says she usually eats and works at the same time so this could get a little messy for her. But her kids on the other hand, might love it!

"This is something my kids would like. I can just tell by looking at it. They like Eggos anyway, and they would like a fruit on it, I think," said Mindi Ramsey.

While Tom and Mindi tried the waffles with the topping, Joe decided to just forget the waffle and go for the syrup.

"Normally I would have a diet coke and a IV drip, and normally I wouldn't have waffles, so that's what I like about these things cause you can open em up and just go... Mmm delicious, right out of the bag."

"Just straight up?"

"I swear I'm having strawberries right now," said Joe.

And of course, Joe wanted the bears in the backyard to have some breakfast, too. So he did the kindest thing he could think of, toss out the waffle.