Pottsville Mourns Fire Victims

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POTTSVILLE---The front step of 235 Pierce Street in Pottsville has become a memorial.

Eric Brown, his sister-in-law, Christina Thomas and Brown's four children died in a blaze that started late Sunday night.

Joy, 8, Jeremiah, 7, Emily, 3, and Elijah, 2, all gone.

"My nephew came over last night, he's only 7. He went to school with Jeremiah,he went to pre-school with him and he put a little thing there and he started crying, so I told him he's up with God and he's watching him," said Brenda Miller who lives of Pierce Street.

Some people who stopped by the memorial did not know the victims, but are coping with the grief of unspeakable tragedy.

"For some people it might be a reaction of horror or sadness of anger, for some of us, that's numbness. So when things stun us and we don't even know what to say, we have to acknowledge that's grief. What we do with it is what we have control over," said Cathie Davidavage of Pottsville.

Davidavage is a social worker and a certified grief counselor. She said it is important for people to talk about their grief, write about it, perhaps even pray about it and she said making memorials are healthy, too.

"I've seen such beautiful things here in Pottsville this week is to honor those we have lost by bringing mementos, it's for the family that remains but it's also for us to say we've done something in our hearts to hopefully make it better. Right now I think most of us are just so stunned, we don't know what to do and that's where the mourning comes in. By sharing something with someone, by taking what's in here and bringing it out here, even with one person or everyone we see," she said.

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