Harassment Charges Leveled Against Firefighter

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MIFFLINBURG -- A firefighter accused of yelling at and poking another man in the chest went to court to face harassment charges.

That firefighter from Mifflinburg is also a code enforcement officer in Union County.

James Emery faces charges of oppression and harassment.  He is accused of verbally and physically assaulting another man last month at a public auction in Mifflinburg.

According to witnesses and court paperwork, Emery was wearing his Mifflinburg Fire Department coat when he allegedly told another man, "Don't be surprised if your house burns down."  This was after an argument last month at a public real estate auction.

According to court papers, the Mifflinburg Fire Department was bidding on property on Market Street in Mifflinburg.  The property is directly behind the fire department, and firefighters wanted to expand behind the department's headquarters.

Police say Eric Campbell of Milton was bidding against the Mifflinburg Fire Department.  He wanted to buy the building and use it as a rental property.

Police say Emery walked over to Campbell and another man. Emery allegedly poked Campbell in the chest and said, "Don't be surprised if your house burns down."

Emery is also accused of asking Campbell where his other rental properties are and telling him again, "don't be surprised if your house burns down."

In addition to being a firefighter in Mifflinburg, James Emery is a code enforcement officer in Union County.  Court papers confirm he was suspended from that position.

Mifflinburg's fire chief says Emery is still a member in good standing.

At the preliminary hearing, the judge dismissed one misdemeanor charge of oppression but she did order James Emery to head to trial on two other charges