Chaos Leaves Neighbors with Questions

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SOUTH WAVERLY – Local and State Police along with special tactical teams wrapped up an eight-hour armed stand-off early Tuesday morning in South Waverly near Sayre. The chaos evacuated some homes and neighbors still are left without answers.

Williams Street in South Waverly is quiet and peaceful, but neighbor Chris Shaffer says it was anything but less than 24 hours ago. He says he was woken up in the middle of the night by troopers telling him he may be in danger.

“He came up and told us there was somebody holding up a few rifles a couple doors down and they might have to move us because we are in the line of fire,” said Shaffer.

Shaffer stayed up all night taking photos as special tactical teams, borough and state police worked to negotiate with his neighbor during the eight-hour standoff.

"You usually see this on TV and in other communities, but to get this close to home, it's something else,” he said.

Police say Timothy Murphy, 62, was responsible. timothy murphy brad standoff

Officials say a domestic dispute between him and a juvenile sparked the stand-off. Murphy was finally taken into custody early in the morning.

Rich Satterly lives right next door and says this is very unlike his neighbor of ten years.

"(He is) very nice, very quiet, just fairly normal guy. Laid back,” said Satterly.

Now that the swarms of police and tactical teams have left Williams Street, neighbors say they're just thankful this standoff situation ended peacefully.”

"It's a scary thought that that's happening so close,” said Kristi Blackman of Sayre. Blackman owns a hair salon right around the corner from the stand-off. She and her co-workers were kept away by police barricades.

They say although everything ended peacefully, this eight-hour stand-off is a frightening dose of reality.

"This is definitely one of the bigger situations that we've had here lately and unfortunately I think we've been seeing thees things happen a little too often," said Lauren Rudloff of Sayre.

Murphy is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and endangering the welfare of children. He is locked up in Bradford County on $200,000 bail.