Neighbors’ Hearts Broken Over Loss Of Life

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POTTSVILLE -- Neighbors and friends of the fire victims gathered to try to deal with the tragedy, the loss of two adults and four children.

Keith Wykle is feeling the loss in a terrible way.

"I honestly feel because I should have been in there," Wykle explains.

Wykle was good friends with Eric Brown. He's the father who died. Fire officials say they're looking at a wood burner, among other things, as a possible a source of the deadly blaze.

Wykle feels guilt.

"If it was the wood burner, I felt that I should've been in there because they didn't deserve it. I lit the wood burner and came back and in an hour;s time I came back and the house was on fire."

Another tough task is explaining to neighborhood children why their playmates won't be around anymore.

Theresa Meade said it was rough.

"My daughter had to explain to my granddaughter about Joy and she took it hard, she did, she took it hard."

Theresa Kesten said sometimes children don't understand.

"I don't know. She's heartbroken over it."

City officials say this is the worst fire in the loss of life in nearly 40 years. They predict it will be a long time before anyone forgets it.

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