Investigation Into Barber Shop Death

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- Hours after a fight broke out inside a barber shop in the Poconos, one man is dead and one man is charged with homicide.

Police want to find one man they believe saw the whole thing.

The fight happened Thursday afternoon inside a barber shop near Tobyhanna.

Police hope a witness steps forward: a customer who was inside the barber shop when the fight broke out

Stylz Barber Shop is on Route 196 near Tobyhanna.

The owner of the day care next door says she was surprised such a thing happened.

"I was kind of, like, in shock. I've been here for nine years and I've never seen anything of such," said Myra Quinones. "Everybody here is like family. So to hear someone passed away, it was shocking."

Quinones cares for 40 children each day and when the fight broke out in the afternoon, she says she didn't hear anything

"Nothing, actually. We were inside. I didn't' know anything that was going on until the phone calls started coming in to see what happened."

The police chief from the Pocono Mountain Regional Police department says sometime Thursday, there was a fight that broke out inside the barber shop. When police arrived on scene, they found the 34 year old victim beaten badly.

Police believe Quentin Thomas and Shawn Develvet two got into an argument which then became physical. After the fight, police say Develvet started cleaning up the scene before officers arrived.

Thomas died on the way to the hospital.

"It's not the greatest news to hear on a work day."

Edward Cardiello, manager of Ed's Auto Service and Towing across the road says he's also surprised by what happened.

"Out of the blue, we just saw a bunch of ambulances and police cars roll on scene. There was no noise no yelling, no shouting, nothing like that."

Shawn Develvet is locked up a homicide charge

The Monroe County coroner says he's waiting for more test results before ruling on Thomas' death.

Police are looking for the customer who was inside the barber shop when the fight broke out.

Police say that customer left just before police arrived and would like to talk to him about what happened.