Heroin Bust in High Class Neighborhood

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Lackawanna County detectives said a couple was renting an apartment in a historic home in Waverly Township and at the same time the two were selling heroin and psychedelic mushrooms out of the place. Investigators said they sold the drugs to undercover cops several times and that's how they got caught.

Clinton Street in Waverly Township near Clarks Summit is lined with homes more than a century-old, it's typically quiet, but Thursday morning at one home, it was anything but.

"I went out to get the paper, the traffic was slowing down and sort of stopping. The police were up there with all the flashing lights and all that. They went in and they got the individual, he's only lived here two and a half months I didn't know this person," said neighbor Jack Phillips.

It was actually two people who were taken out of the house in handcuffs. Jacob Abplanalp and Elissa Palmer who are suspected drug dealers who police said ran a heroin operation out of their apartment in Waverly.

Investigators said undercover cops bought drugs from the pair at the apartment attached to a home on Clinton Street. Then detectives got a search warrant, kicked in the door, and arrested Abplanalp and Palmer.

According to court papers, police found 650 bags of heroin along with psychadelic mushrooms and prescription pills inside the apartment. They say it was a full-blown drug operation hidden in plain sight.

That shocked some people who live in Waverly Township.

"Not in Waverly, it's just one place I would have never dreamed that this would have happened," said Lisa Jury of Clarks Green.

"It's a very family oriented neighborhood, there's a park right here, I bring my kids to play here. So, not really the best news for me to hear today," added Dr. Maggie Miller.

Jacob Abplanalp and Elissa Palmer were arraigned on multiple drug and conspiracy charges, they were sent to prison on $100,000 bail each.

We were not able to contact the owner of the home on Clinton street, but neighbors said the couple will likely be evicted.