Businesses Busy With Mother’s Day Rush

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BERWICK -- People in Columbia County are getting ready to celebrate Mom this weekend.

Todd Wagner of Berwick Floral and Gift is just one of many florists likely to have some pretty sore hands after this weekend. He's putting together hundreds of Mother's Day bouquets.

This holiday ranks at the top for this florist and many others.

"Number one holiday, busiest week of the year, but not the busiest day, Valentine's is the busiest day," said Wagner.

To keep up with all those floral orders for Mom, Wagner and his staff are working some long, long hours.

"Today's a busy day. We'll probably be here until midnight at least."

In another part of Berwick, the Defender Fire Company is taking advantage of flowers being such a hot item for Mother's Day. It's having a flower sale this weekend as a fundraiser. It's a sale all about Mom and also a social event.

"It's the smile on faces, when everyone comes out and hangs out a while.  They like to talk and hang out a bit," said Fred Davis of Defender Fire Company.

Flowers and food are the keys to Mother's Day.  At May's Family Restaurant near Berwick, they are expecting to be packed on Sunday and so are restaurants all over our area.

"We have to put extra people on because of how busy we are," said Justine Feissner from May's Family Restaurant. "Extra food, extra everything."

At May's, they expect the crowds to start showing up for breakfast then just keep coming all day. They do their best to get people in, out and happy as efficiently as possible.

"We got it down really good now.  First couple years were a little rough, but we have it down really good now."

And they know that the most important thing is to have Mom enjoy her meal and her day.