Mother’s Day Craft Ideas For Kids

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Newswatch 16 teamed up with Hobby Lobby in Dickson City this morning for some crafty creations/gift ideas the little ones can make for mom.  Below are step by step instructions on some of the items made on Newswatch 16 This Morning.

From Hobby Lobby:

Pandora Style Bangle

 Supplies: 1 Bead Story Bangle

       Your choice of beads and charms

Steps: 1. Unscrew end bead on bracelet and remove one center bead.

2.Add charms and beads

3. Re-attach the end screw.

 We feel this would be a age 6 and up.


Handprint Photo Card


1)Your choice Card stock,felt, foam or construction paper


3)Photo of Mom and/ or children

4)Glue stick or fabric glue if using felt

5)Markers or glitter glue


1)Trace 7 or 8 hand prints and cut out

2)On each hand print kids write a different reason why they Love Mom

3)Cut out a large circle to fit photo making sure to leave 2″ to 3″ around edge to add hand prints.

4)Glue picture in center of circle.  Then glue hand prints around the outside.  Like petals on a flower.

5)Cut a long rectangle for stem of flower out of a green color.  Cut a leaf shape also.

6)On stem, write ” We (heart) Mommy” or a message to Mom.  Write “Mother’s Day 2013” on the leaf.

7)Glue leaf to stem and then stem to flower frame.

 This would be an (ages 3 and up)


Foam Photo Frame


Foam photo frame

Stick on foam letters and shapes

Picture of Mommy and children


1)Have kids stick the letters and shapes onto the foam frame.

2)Add picture

This would be an (age 1 and up)