Group Petitions for Safety Review After Deadly Wreck

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP – Employees at a nursing home near Wilkes-Barre sent a petition to PennDOT, township police, and local supervisors, urging them to increase patrols and consider a safety study on the Sans Souci Parkway.

Coworkers at Hampton House nursing home signed the petition after longtime nurses aide Daniel Markowski was killed last month, when he tried pulling out of the parking lot to drive home to Nanticoke and was rear-ended.

"Our staff has responded to accidents on the road. You fear every time you’re turning out of here,” said Hope Danishanko. “Danny always had a smile on his face, never griped about his job. He’d do anything for anyone. He truly made a difference in people’s lives and will truly be missed."

PennDOT spokesman James May told Newswatch 16 that crash statics show four rear-end crashes were reported on the Sans Souci Parkway, and the statistics climbed to 24 rear-end wrecks reported in 2012.

"It is an area where you have a lot of kids from Luzerne County Community College driving through there, that will be a factor because you do have more traffic in that area,” said May. “There are more houses going into that area. There`s just a whole lot of factors we`re looking at to see what needs to be done, if anything along the road."

Hanover Township Police said John Ward, 21, Nanticoke, is suspected of speeding and DUI the night that he rear-ended Markowski’s car.

The Luzerne County District Attorney’s office said no charges have been filed and the case is still under review.