Cops Nab Suspected Accomplice, Gunman Still On The Loose

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SCRANTON — Police made an arrest and continue to search for another suspect after a college student was killed over the weekend.

Scranton police made the announcement Thursday afternoon.

Police say they have an accomplice in the homicide in custody but say they are still looking for the actual killer.

Scranton detectives have identified two young men they say were responsible for the death of Lackawanna College student Rahsan Crowder.

Marlon Clotter, 21, is charged with conspiracy to commit murder and being an accomplice to murder. Detectives say they identified him in surveillance video fleeing the scene of the shooting Sunday morning.Ryan_Elijan_Harding

Police are still looking for Ryan Harding, 18. They believe it was Harding who shot Crowder twice, once in the leg and again in the chest. A tactical team searched for him all over the city Thursday and they believe he’s still in Scranton and could be armed.

Police say Rahsan Crowder went to party in the city’s hill section Saturday night and got into a fight with the two suspects.

Investigators don’t think the fight was over anything specific, and the shooting wasn’t provoked.

“It seems to be that there wasn’t a single issue that it was over that, moreso, it was someone looking at someone the wrong way,” said Scranton Police Chief Carl Graziano.

Police say both suspects are known members of the gang the Crips. Anyone with information about Ryan Harding’s whereabouts is asked to call Scranton Police at 570-348-4134.