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Students Named in Underage Drinking Party

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DANVILLE -- State Police released the names of 17 of the 27 Danville High School students charged with underage drinking, the other ten are minors. Now the school is beginning to meet with students and parents and figure out what will happen next.

Principal Lee Gump said he read over the names provided by state police and began meeting with students one by one.

"It`s difficult again because you know the families at times, you know the students, and you just have to follow what we have in policy and procedure," said Principal Lee Gump of Danville High School.

Lori Smith of Danville works with a High School student who was at the prom and said they are struggling to understand.

"I guess what`s surprises me is that parents were aware of it and involved, but kids will always push their boundaries," said Smith.

Students caught drinking will go before a Magistrate, but could also face punishment from the school if they're part of an extra curricular activity or sport.

"I don`t really see how they can do that because it didn`t happen at school, it wasn`t during school hours, it wasn`t like a school trip or anything," said Donnie Lutz of Danville.

Even as the Danville Area School District works to discipline the dozens of students who were drinking at the after prom party, there are some that will walk away without any consequences.

"The consequences that are associated with the extra curricular activities, it`s only going to effect those that are currently in the sport club or activity," said Gump.

"It is unfortunate, but the school cannot discipline all students just because they were involved in this," said Danville Area School District Superintendent Cheryl Latorre.

Troopers said the owners of the home are being questioned about the underage drinking party and could be facing charges.

Some educators also said the seniors charged with underage drinking could face losing academic or athletic scholarships as they make their way into college.

Here is the list of the students cited:

Jared Daku, 19, Danville; Matthew McConnell, 19, Danville; Donie Keeley, 18, Danville; Lauren Roth, 18, Danville; Michael Vitale, 18, Danville; Ian Metzer, 18, Danville; Cale Rice, 18, Danville; Alyssa Shaw, 18, Danville; Michael McCormick, 18, Danville; James Mullen, 18, Danville; Jessica Paugh, 18, Danville; Maxwell Wright, 18, Danville; Thomas Berg, 18, Danville; Kiersten Zerbe, 19, Danville; Robert Seebold, 18, Danville; Evan Willard, 18, Danville; Hanna Harris, 18, Danville. The rest of the students are juveniles, and therefore can't be named.