Protesters Greet Owner Of Duct Taped Dog

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PALMYRA TOWNSHIP -- Several animal lovers showed up to court to see for themselves the person accused of duct taping his own dog.

When Newswatch 16 first showed you a picture in March of a dog with its mouth and legs duct taped, many of you contacted us outraged that someone would do this to a dog.

Russell Seese of Greentown, the man accused of doing that to his own dog, was in court Tuesday on animal cruelty charges.

More than a dozen protestors were anxiously waiting for him outside district court in Pike County when he finally arrived.

Supporters of the man's dog let him know they were there at a magistrate's office near Hawley in hopes of getting justice for Lexi the dog.

"He made me sick to my stomach. He's a cocky person, you can just see it, like he did nothing wrong. There is no reason an animal should be abused. None," said Bambi Davis of Milford.

"You know, it's sad. It's really sad,' said Dana Drake of Milford.

According to police, in March, a Pennsylvania dog warden received a call about a suspected case of animal cruelty at the home where Russell Seese lives.pike duct tape dog

State police investigated, and in court papers, Seese admitted he tortured his dog Lexi , a tan female Labrador mix.

According to court papers, Lexi was tortured with duct tape at Russell Seese`s home, near Greentown.  According to police, Lexi was discovered in a chicken coop, with no food or water and her legs and her mouth bound with duct tape.

Animal lovers  young and old  who showed up for Seeses' hearing learned about the planned protest through Facebook .

One woman brought her dog Dharma.

"I brought her to show that animals have rights, too. This is about a dog that was inhumanely treated," said Dana Drake.

A few supporters of Russell Seese did show up but only his attorney was willing to talk.

"I'm glad there is a public interest in the care of animals. However, you also have to keep in mind that accusations, when they first come out are exactly that," said attorney Wieslaw Niemoczynski.

Seese gave up his right to a preliminary hearing, so his case moves on to county court.

Officers with the Humane Society say Lexi is being cared for at a foster home.