Pit Bull Owner Cited for Dog Mauling

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HAZLE TOWNSHIP -- Police say a dog owner in Luzerne County will pay the price for his pit bull attacking another dog in Hazle Township over the weekend.

Cookie has been forced to wear now a collar and it's taking some getting used to for the 7-year-old cockapoo and her owner Toni Cox, of West Hazleton.

"God, she always just jumps up on our lap. She`s just so, such a good dog. We just love her to pieces," said owner Toni Cox, of West Hazleton.

Cookie was on a walk with Toni's son, Charles, near Hazleton High School when he says a pit bull without a leash or owner nearby attacked them. Charles says right by Hazleton High School was where he and Cookie were attacked by the pit bull. He says this is a popular place for people to walk their dogs.

"We started running because I knew the dog would attack her as soon as it saw her. As soon as I turned around, the pit bull was right on top of her, chewing her and gnawing her," said Charles Cox, of West Hazleton.

Both Charles and Cookie were taken to the hospital. Charles got eight rabies shots. Cookie stayed at the animal hospital overnight for an operation and 100 stitches.

"I hated to leave her there, but she was mortally wounded, terrible, and I had no choice. I had to leave her there," said Toni Cox.

Cookie is now home, and the pit bull and its owner have been identified with the help of a West Hazleton city official and state police.

State police say the pit bull's owner will be cited for letting the dog outside the home and yard without a leash or walker. The owner will also have to pay for Cookie's medical bills, nearing $2000.

"Something has to be done. We were just out, like I said, enjoying the weather, and something like this shouldn`t happen," said Charles Cox.

Cookie will have to go back to the hospital Thursday to get her pain patch and wound drains removed. State police say the pit bull's owner will be cited Wednesday.