Shootings Ruled Murder-Suicide

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CANTON -- Two children in Bradford County are spending their first full day without their mother.

Police said she was shot and killed at home Sunday morning and the father of the couple's one-month-old boy also died from gun shot injuries.

Autopsies were done Monday on Teesha Rieco and Curtis Chisman.

The Bradford County Coroner said they both died Sunday, the result of an apparent murder-suicide that leaves two children, including a newborn, without their mother.

The police are all gone, the yellow tape too and the home along East Main Street in Canton is missing much more than that after a deadly shooting early Sunday.

The young mother was found shot to death in bed and a man was also found shot. The coroner said he died at the hospital.

"Definitely a shock, I couldn't believe it, was in a state of shock when I heard it happened," said neighbor Jeanette Stone.

Neighbors said Teesha Rieco gave birth to her son only a month or so ago. Now, that boy's father, Curtis Chisman, is also gone after the shooting.

"It's a shame, really sad. It's the kids that are going to suffer from this," added Stone.

Chisman had his own family at another home several blocks away, according to Rieco's father.

Following her death Sunday morning, Teesha Rieco's father said his daughter did not deserve to die this way and that the father of her one month old son was bad news from the start.

"This does not happen in Canton, I've been here 46 years, this is the first I've seen this happen," said neighbor Beverly Smith.

State police are still investigating.

Teesha Rieco also has a 5-year-old daughter by another man.

The grandparents are trying to get custody of that girl and the one month old baby boy.