Police: Slain Lackawanna College Student First Homicide In 20 Months

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SCRANTON -- Police continue to investigate the shooting death of a Lackawanna College student.

Detectives said the death of  Rahsan Crowder, 22, is the first homicide in the city in nearly two years.

Outside Lackawanna College, students leave goodbyes and messages of grief and on the sidewalk along Vine Street in honor of Crowder. Known at the school as “Duke,” he was killed in the early hours of Sunday morning.rashan crowder mug

“We`re coming together as a school, as friends and everything else,” said Kendra Lee.

“It felt weird not having Duke sitting next to me in class, he sat right next to me in class, we used to talk a lot and just taking a final earlier, it just felt sad,” said Rashawn Cunningham.

Scranton police said Crowder was at party when he and his friend got into a fight with others that spilled outside. Police said Crowder was shot and died at the hospital, the city's first homicide in roughly twenty months.

“Some families send their kids here to be safe, so things like this wouldn`t happen to them wherever they`re from,” added Lee.

“So many bad things are happening here and I don`t feel safe in my own city here,” said Kelly Yeager.

Some students said they also worry about the negative perception of their school.

“I feel like people that don`t go here are getting a bad impression because of things that happen at Lackawanna but it is really a great school to go to,” said Allison Fortino.

“This wasn`t the first thing that happened and Lackawanna is a really school to go to but it`s getting a lot of bad names,” said Yeager.

Scranton`s police chief said there are still no suspects in this shooting.

He says it`s frustrating because there were plenty of people who saw this shooting who are not cooperating with detectives.