Nice Weather, Cash Draw Anglers To Lake

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LAKE WALLENPAUPACK -- As the weather gets warmer, more and more people are getting out to enjoy it, but at Lake Wallenpaupack, it's not only the nice weather attracting visitors, it's also the chance to become a millionaire.

The sound of a boat engine humming in the water of Lake Wallenpaupack is a welcome noise signifying the warmer weather has finally arrived

"It's a beautiful day. Look at the sky, not a cloud in the sky," said Jim Durkin of Carbondale.

He's not the only one who is enjoying the nice weather. We found some fishermen stocking up on supplies for the weekend out on the lake.

"Now they have the ramp out, the dock that they take down in the winter. That's really an excellent place to fish, if you don't have a boat, right off that dock," said Michael McTiernan of Hawley. (Spring is) finally here."

Another reason more people will be coming out this weekend in particular is a chance to be a millionaire. For the past few years, Cabela's Sports Outfitters sponsored a contest where anglers get a chance to catch a fish worth a million dollars.

About 1,500 tagged fish will be released in hundreds of bodies of water throughout the country and Lake Wallenpaupack is one of those bodies.

If you happen to cast your line and catch a fish with a tag, snap a picture of the fish, take the tag off and release it, then log onto Cabela's website to find out if you're a winner,

"The big thing is, it spurs the local economy. It brings people up to Lake Wallenpaupack, both residents and non-residents. It's very helpful to my business. And people are very, very excited about the program," said Mark Strasser of Wallenpaupack Sports Shop.

As for people who were out and about Lake Wallenpaupack enjoying the weather, they might try their luck as well.

"If I'm that lucky, I'll do what I have to do to report it," Jim Durkin added.

"If I get a million dollars, we'll even have dinner in Hawaii," said McTiernan.

Lake Wallenpaupack isn't the only body of water in our area participating.

So is Pine Creek near Jersey Shore and Lackawanna Lake in Lackawanna State Park.