Fans Arriving For Scranton Office Party

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SCRANTON -- Thousands of fans of the TV show The Office are expected this weekend in Lackawanna County for an event called the Office Wrap Party.

The show, set in Scranton, is ending after nine seasons and this weekend many of the show's stars will be here.

Organizers for this weekend's Office Wrap Party are expecting 10,000 people in downtown Scranton Saturday for the event, native Scrantonians and fans of the show alike, many from all over the country.

It's the end of era for those fans of the show and for Scranton that's been in the spotlight since the show started almost a decade ago.

It's something Scrantonians see every day headed into downtown but when Casey Brown and Will Hicks finished their 11-hour trip from Kentucky to Scranton and saw the Pennsylvania Paper company tower it was a  big  deal.

"It was really awesome! We saw it up there, I guess, by the light and it was awesome, we were like 'oh, there it is!'" said Brown. "A little bit singing the song in my head."

They are two of thousands of out-of-towners expected in Scranton this weekend to send off one of the country's favorite TV shows. The Office is about a fictional paper company in Scranton but the folks at Penn Paper have always thought they were the inspiration.

So, instead of Penn Paper, this weekend their tower says Dunder Mifflin.

"We decided to put the sign up just to thank all the fans, to show them our appreciation and welcome the cast of Dunder Mifflin, and just say thank you so much for everything you've done for the city," said Lynn Jesuit Donnini of Penn Paper and Supply.

Many of the show's stars are in Scranton for the Office Wrap Party. After nine seasons, the show set in Scranton will sign off at the end of the month, the end of an era for Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty.

"It'll be a little sad, you know, we may not see them again and they've been very nice to us. We're very thankful and appreciative for all the nice things they've said about Scranton and it's wonderful to be on TV every week."

There will be events for Office fans all morning but the party really kicks off with a parade Saturday afternoon on Linden Street in downtown Scranton, a place that's become a fantasyland for fans of the show who have never been here.

"(This is) not what we expected at all, Pennsylvania is not what we expected, nothing like we imagined," said Will Hicks of Louisville, Kentucky

Fans like Hicks and Brown came to the Electric City armed with a list of Scranton landmarks mentioned on the show.  Office fans will understand. Their first stop is Poor Richard's Pub.

The Office Wrap Party events start Friday at the University of Scranton with a VIP party. Stars of the show will be here with many of the business owners whose places have been mentioned during the show's nine seasons.