Eagles Playing Pool In Sunbury

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SUNBURY -- Close to 2,000 people are in Northumberland County for the 34th annual Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Eagles State Pool Championships.

Teams from all over the state hope their Eagles organization wins the title of "best billiards team in Pennsylvania".

This year's tournament is being held at the Sunbury Community Center and 89 teams are playing. It is the second time the Sunbury Eagles are hosting the event which starts Friday night and runs through Sunday.

Around two dozen people spent the afternoon practicing their shots at the Sunbury Community Center

"We run a double-elimination format tournament.  The winner is the state champion for the Fraternal Order of the Eagles," explained tournament director Eric Long.

"It's a great event, I mean we all love to play pool.  We have two teams down here, 15 people all together," said Chuck Morris of Sweet Valley.

Eagles organizations from all over the state will compete.

"Oh, my God, it's unbelievable the people you meet, it's great.  It's a good time," John Ozmina of Warrior Run said.

The Sunbury Eagles rented 24 pool tables for the event, which is at the Sunbury Community Center.

Teams spent the whole year preparing.

"A lot of pressure out there because you figure if you miss a shot, your whole team is going home, not just you," said Frank Litchkowski of Nanticoke.

There are 89 teams participating in this weekend's tournament.  That's close to 2,000 people coming into the city of Sunbury this weekend."

"It will generate a lot of revenue for the local restaurants," Long added.

Many of the players say Sunbury is an ideal city for the tournament.

"They should have it here every year because this is laid out really well."

"Sunbury puts on a real good show.  It's really nice coming down here," said Morris.

The Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Eagles State Championships kicks off Friday night at the Sunbury Community Center on Memorial Drive.   The tournament runs through Sunday.