Downtown Donations From Businessman In Berwick

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BERWICK -- Construction is really starting to take its toll on businesses in a downtown. So a fellow business owner in Berwick is doing what he can to help.  On Friday, he paid for sandwiches for more than 100 people at Subway and he's also helping bring customers to other businesses.

It was gift for customers at the Subway along Front Street in Berwick:  free six-inch subs at lunchtime. But it was also a gift for Subway, bringing customers in the doors.

It's all thanks to Mike Knorr, owner of Knorr hauling. He has watched downtown businesses struggle due to a construction project in recent weeks that has the main street through town torn apart, with little parking available.

"I was blown away.  It's so overwhelming.  I thought it was the kindest, most generous things anyone has done," said Subway owner Ray Karafinsky.

Karafinski says the road project has really cut into his business but Mike Knorr's money had plenty of customers there for lunch.

"That's why I kind of like Berwick, that small town atmosphere where other people look out for each other.  It was pretty humbling for him to do that."

Of course, customers liked the free sub, too.

"I think it's wonderful.  It's promotion for the business cause they don't have people to come downtown to eat," said Amy Scott.

Knorr isn't only helping Subway. He knows this project is having impact all through downtown.  Last week he bought 300 bagels for customers at a bagel shop.  Now he's helping two jewelers.

"The vibe that's he's putting into our community with his small actions is bigger than you can ever imagine," said Jonathan Nespoli.

Knorr bought a $500 gift certificate from Jonathan Nespoli's jewelry store.  Every customer that buys something from there gets an entry.

Knorr is also raffling off diamond earrings he bought from Walker Jewelers the same way.

At Subway, he threw in free entries for customers there, too.

But Knorr doesn't want any credit; he didn't even want to do an interview with us.

"It just goes to show you how one person can make a difference, a big difference just by doing some small things," Nespoli added.

The main roads through Berwick have been under construction for three years now.  That is supposed to wrap up at the end of the month.

Next Saturday, May 11, there will be a festival all along Front Street to celebrate the end of all that work.