Power To Save Special: May, 2013

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Power To Save Special

Thursday, May 2, 2013

7:30pm on WNEP-TV

WNEP-TV’s Don Jacobs and Jackie Lewandoski host this quarter’s Power To Save Special.  We’ll go to an outdoor classroom, convert some vehicles and drilling rigs to natural gas, cleanup a storm-damaged waterway, and get an update from the Green Police.

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Students in the 5th grade in the Shickellamy School District are spending a week at a camp – learning about teamwork and the environment – all while making new friends!  The students traveled with their teachers to Camp Mt. Luther for an entire week.  They’ll stay overnight, take turns on KP Duty, have lifelong lessons and build more self-esteem.  With guests from the outside and special projects directed by their own teachers, it’s a program that the community actually saved from the financial chopping block.  Visit the campers on just one day of their adventure.  Watch this video here.


Bringing Susquehanna County technology to use the natural gas they are producing is a new project from Cabot Oil and Gas.  Though it is a tried and true method of running vehicles as evidenced by the CATA Bus Company in central Pennsylvania, the technology is new to the northern tier.  Cabot recently opened a Compressed Natural Gas filling station near Montrose.  It services all of their local trucks, and use it to run generators at their Susquehanna County drill sites.  Why is this good?  How about cleaner air from a cleaner burn, it’s produced right here at home and, are you ready for this???  …it equates to $1.11 per gallon!!!  Jackie and George Stark from Cabot gives us the inside scoop!  For more information on Cabot’s advances, visit wellsaidcabot.comWatch this feature here.


WNEP’s Don Jacobs heads to Wyoming County where great people rebuilt the integrity of their creek after the devastating floods of September, 2011.  The MCWA had just completed re-routing the creek and providing exquisite habitat for its water life.  The flood destroyed it all, but with unwavering determination, the Association went straight to work, making it bigger and better than ever.  They’re hoping these new projects never get tested, but feel much of what they did will now help protect the area.  Watch this story here.

GREEN POLICE – Newswatch 16’s Jon Meyer

Jon Meyer first told us about these 3rd Graders who put their entire school on notice:  Recycle or else.  The Green Police at the Pocono Mountain Charter School visit classrooms once a month and inspect garbage cans and recycling bins to be sure the right things are being recycled and not thrown away.  And, that garbage doesn’t end up in the recycling container.  If there’s a violation, they present the teacher with a citation.  The goal:  100% recycling by the end of the school year.  If that happens, one of their gym teachers will have to do what the student body votes for:  get duct taped to the wall for the day, get ice cream sundae ingredients dumped all over them, or have to dress like a girl.  Watch this update here.  On Earth Day, a representative from the PA Department of Environmental Protection gave the kids an update:

  • 5,000 lbs. of corrugated cardboard
  • 19,237 lbs. of paper, which being recycled saved 206 trees
  • 2,806 lbs. of bimetals and plastics