Hawley Man Pitches Product on National ABC Show

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HAWLEY -- A man from Wayne County will showcase his entrepreneurial skills Friday night on the ABC show "Shark Tank" .

The show gives entrepreneurs the chance to pitch their product and maybe land a "Shark" to invest in it.

In Michael DeSanti's spare time, he loves to feed wild birds at his home near Hawley and has been doing so for 20 years.

But in that time, he's also encountered a problem. Squirrels love to crash the feeding frenzy.

"When they find a meal, they won't go away," said DeSanti.

So DeSanti decided to get even, in a humane way, and created the "Squirrel Boss" bird feeder.

"What you would do is you would switch the bird feeder "on".  Then you install the roof back on until it clicks. Then take the remote control and press the button until you see the light," said DeSanti.

DeSanti says each time a squirrel tries to grab the bird seed, you push a button on the remote control which sends a small electric shock, from three double-A batteries, to the squirrel.

DeSanti felt he was onto something and contacted the ABC show "Shark Tank".

The producers liked what they saw and DeSanti gets his shot on national TV this Friday.

"I was extremely animated, entertaining and fierce, all at the same time," said DeSanti.

As an animal lover, I had to see just how humane the shock would be.  I touched the bird feeder, and I definitely felt a small electric shock.

DeSanti will appear on Friday night's show, pitching his product to the sharks and the nation.

However, he wouldn't disclose if he won.

"Isn't that the million dollar question. I can't tell you that. You're going to have to watch this Friday, May third, 9 P.M. Eastern time," said DeSanti.

No spoiler alert here. Just tune in here on WNEP-TV.